Curbing Designs


Give your landscape that extra "EDGE" with landscape edging! Using a concrete curb is the best way to make your landscaping stand out from the rest. While we can color the curbing to match the style of your home or commercial property we can also make it unique with curbing designs.

Stamping your landscape edging adds texture and creates a beautiful finish. Our simulating stamp patterns offer styles of stone, brick and tile. Match your home's exterior accents with your stamped landscape edging, you can also enhance the look by adding curbing color.

In the hands of our curbing artist we specialize in the most natural stone and rock designs available.

All stamped curbing is sealed with a clear sealer to prevent UV damage, chipping and peeling.

*Stamp patterns and molds may change from time to time and not all stamp patterns can be applied to all molds.


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