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CurbScapes specializes in custom landscape edge curbing. Decorative continuous concrete landscape edging adds beauty and value to your home or business. Our custom concrete edging can finish off that flowerbed, walkway, garden path or landscape.


Why Landscape Curbing?

Compare our high-quality landscape curbing to traditional landscape edging pavers

Landscape Curbing
Concrete is continuously poured for a cleaner, smoother look.
Single continuous piece with aircraft cable will not heave.
No gaps for weeds to grow.
Smooth, even lines — no ugly corners or angles!
Keeps mulch in flowerbeds.
Won't be damaged by a weed wacker.
Traditional Pavers
Blocks are individually laid or placed.
Blocks "heave" — get pushed or lifted out of line, become uneven.
Weeds will grow between blocks.
Angles/corners of blocks exposed with curves.

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The results speak for themselves, look at the "curb appeal" you get with custom landscape curbing!

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Customer Testimonials

The crew at CurbScapes, lead by Steve, did a fantastic job. Always pleasant and kept the area clean. I was amazed at how quickly they got my landscape curbing installed. The results added the finishing touches my landscape needed."

Anita B. - Overland Park, KS